Mayumi on the Big Screen!

When Mayumi landed in sunny Los Angeles, it was only a matter of time before Hollywood came-a-pawing at her door…namely the door to her beautiful resort hotel and gardens on Wilshire / Rodeo…requesting that Mayumi star in her own semi-reality show…The Mayumi Gumi Power Hour! 

Filmed in glorious 2D, the show follows the amazing kawaii adventures of Mayumi and her Gumi (posse/gang) as they try and navigate their way through the strange culture that is LA…

Trailer Premiere at ANIME EXPO – July 3rd, 6pm – opening ceremonies!

Mayumi at Mann's Chinese Theater

Coming soon to a small and large screen near you…Mayumi’s very own animated TV show…filmed in glorious 2D!


  1. Lora Parral says:

    I had the pleasure of seeing the Mayumi Gumi trailer during the masquerade at Anime Expo. I fell in LOVE instantly! I also had the GREAT PLEASURE to meet Sean (the amazing creator) I gushed to him how much I loved Mayumi and wanted to get more, more, more!!! Keep up the awesome work Sean and keep Mayumi in wacky, lovely adventures for years to come please.
    Much Love,

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