Mayumi Anime Expo Premiere!

July 3rd 2014 marks the official premiere of the brand new MAYUMI GUMI animated trailer at ANIME EXPO! A co-production of Danconia Studios, Bang Zoom! Entertainment and Cosmic Toast Studios, Mayumi will be the first anime shown at the AX opening ceremonies.

Mayumi will also be featured at the Bang Zoom! Entertainment booth as part of AX Guest of Honor – creator/artist Sean Danconia’s Art Show, with a 8 x 10 foot wall mural and a collection of limited edition prints and giclees.

Mayumi Gumi Love Hotel Power Hour!1

Mayumi x Asian American Drug Abuse Program

Asian American Drug Abuse Program Fundraiser

One of Mayumi’s first appearances in the USA was made specially for the 39th Asian American Drug Abuse Program in 2011 (this was even before her official brand launch at Disneyland) –

Mayumi was thrilled and honored to participate in this wonderful fundraiser! Here is the original poster created by artist Sean D’Anconia featuring Mayumi-chan in a beautiful pink kimono adorned with Sakura. You can also see her playing the Shamisen, dressed as Daruma, and other kawaii cosplay accents! ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆


With Love…from a Hello Kitty Junkie!

Sanrio Stor Little Tokyo Los Angeles Maria Kitty Mayumi

Our favorite Hello Kitty Junkie, Maria Kitty, during the 2013 Nisei Week Festival next to our favorite She-Kitten – Mayumi!

Happy Chinese New Year! 恭禧發財!

MeiMei Chinese New Year of the Horse

It’s the beginning of another wonderful year on the Lunar Calendar! This time – we are celebrating the YEAR of the HORSE  (馬 午) yay! And all the way from the “Delicious Kingdom” Floating Restaurant is MeiMei – Mayumi’s dear friend from Shanghai – wishing all of you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year, filled with lots of sweets, love (´∀`)♡ and delicious Dim Sum (點心)! (º﹃º):.*೨